STAT Court Services

The Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) is educational in nature, and based on a model of power and control designed to assist batterers stop violence and coercion in domestic violence relationships. Trained BIP facilitators, using group sessions as their primary modality, challenge batterer’s current belief system; do not tolerate instances of minimization, denial and blaming; hold batterers accountable for their behavior, and; report new offenses to the court. Services are provided to self- and court-referred batterers, and are conducted at 3033 North Walnut (West Building) in Oklahoma City, OK, a facility that has offices available for private individual assessments and group educational sessions. When possible, referrals to domestic violence services are provided for the batterer’s partner or victims.The focus of the BIP program is on victim safety, with all services based on non-victim blaming strategies. Anger control and management, substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment, alone or in combination with each other, does not constitute batterer’s intervention, and may not be utilized as the primary means of facilitating the required changes in the batterer’s behavior and attitudes. If these or other services are needed for a specific batterer, the batterer shall be provided with appropriate referrals for his/her specific needs.


Advanced Drug and Alcohol Program is designed for court-ordered alternative to jail for persons convicted of misdemeanor/felony DUI or specific drug cases.  This Educational Program is 26 weeks and may be extended by the court.  Such topics include but aren’t limited to:  Relapse Prevention, Addiction Cycle, Criminal and Addiction History, and Family and other Relationships.  Instructors use educational and informational resources to help adult clients develop an awareness to move away from past criminal addictive behavior.  Clients are taught to accept responsibility for their behavior and learn effective coping skills and eliminate the use of poor decision making. 


13 Week course for basic skill education and 26 week for more advanced learning