Community Corrections

  Catalyst operates a work release program funded by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in Enid Oklahoma. The work release Halfway program accepts any female inmate transfers with nonviolent  offenses who've had good conduct and are nearing the end of their prison sentence. Our primary function for the DOC is to help inmates gain employment prior to their release and begin the process of orienting themselves back into society, with safety for all Oklahoma citizens first and foremost.

We operate  with state of the art surveillance, thumb scan system for inmates checking in from work and checking out for work, and numerous inmate counts 24 hours a day. We have many companies that are inmate friendly and  and are willing to give these women an opportunity.

Each inmate is assigned a Case Manager who works with the individual to prepare them for their upcoming release. The Case Manager is responsible in helping the inmate acquire any necessary documents and identification needed for this huge transition. The successful re-entry and continued good behavior as a citizen is the goal, helping the state by reducing the rate of recidivism and saving taxpayer dollars in the process.

If you have a loved one who you believe is ready to make this transition, have them contact their Case Manager regarding a transfer to Catalyst.

Catalyst Enid supports and follows guidelines for the Prison Rape Elimination Act commonly referred to as PREA.

To view our polices for PREA and audits for both locations, please click the links below:

Catalyst PREA Policies

Catalyst Enid PREA 2015 audit