Outpatient Detox



Medication Assisted Treatment

Outpatient Detox



Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) provides additional support for treatment to those who qualify.  Our MAT program is designed to reflect the most current interventions recommended by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Outpatient (ambulatory) detox is a detoxification program that works on an outpatient basis. Most people describe the home setting as their preferred choice for supervised detoxification. Many more might be willing to initiate detox if they can do it at home.  Clients are supervised in their home by a caregiver and have daily appointments with Catalyst medical professionals throughout their detox experience.  The process needs to be monitored, just as it does in a hospital or other treatment setting, and the appropriate interventions used. 

Our medical and clinical staff at Catalyst Behavioral Services and Catalyst Outpatient Detox understand addiction is a disease that needs to be addressed holistically, with consideration and respect for the client’s physical and emotional needs.  The staff works to help people recognize their true potential.

Catalyst recognizes that Medication Assisted Treatment and Outpatient Detox. may be important components of the treatment continuum.  Clients who participate in either program will be asked to participate in other outpatient services as well. 

 No one is turned away for lack of finances.