Catalyst receives special distinction and commendation

Posted by mark on 09/17/2013

Our Clinical programs had our normal end of contract audits in May with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance abuse Services. We were awarded their top honors with a three year contract with special distinction. We are very proud of the efforts of our staff to provide the best care available anywhere. Congratulations to Our outpatient and residential program for the recognition of your amazing efforts to help Oklahomans to regain their lives from addiction and mental health issues.

This month our Batterers Intervention Program had their certification audit conducted by the state Attorney Generals office. We found out today that this amazing program is also recognized for certification with commendation. Once again, congratulations to the STAT staff and the wonderful work they do to help keep Oklahomans safe from violence.

Audits are never fun. To qualify to for either of those two honors requires extraordinary focus on details and work. Both awards require zero errors and 100% percent compliance with all standards expected by the state of Oklahoma.

Catalyst will continue to empower personal change to everyone in our programs and our pledge to you is to provide the best quality care available today !