In 1973 Catalyst Behavioral Services opened its doors as a nonprofit substance abuse clinic. Staffed by volunteer counselors, this small office in downtown Oklahoma City began serving alcoholics and addicts who wanted help but didn’t really believe there was help available. In those days, treatment outside of a sanitarium was still a relatively unique idea in Oklahoma. 

Today Catalyst has grown to be one of the largest behavioral health agencies in Oklahoma, serving people throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states with fully integrated care for mental health, substance abuse, and primary care. With a unique array of treatment options, Catalyst’s widely acclaimed programs will certainly have a treatment program that will fit your life and at an affordable cost.  Catalyst has highly skilled treatment staff who understand what you’ve going through and will take the time to find out your specific needs. Our admission counselors will guide you in choosing the right treatment for you whether that’s residential care, outpatient services, medication assisted treatment, detox, or family medicine.

Everyone at Catalyst Behavioral Services - our therapists, our psychiatrist, our doctors- understand addiction is a disease that needs to be addressed holistically, with consideration and respect for the patient's physical and emotional needs. The staff help people find their true potential.

Matching treatment settings, programs, and services to a person's unique problems and level of need is key to his or her ultimate success in returning to a productive life.

Catalyst Behavioral health treatment approaches are broad in scope, taking into account a combination of therapies and other services to meet a patient's needs. in addition to treatment, a patient may require other medical services or medications that can be useful in different stages of treatment.

We believe that people have the ability to do amazing things when they are given the opportunity to better themselves in a way that is meaningful to them. When you see people come in with fear, uncertainty or low self esteem and are out of options: helping them to grow to their full potential and live happy productive lives is our mission.

The message we want you to hear is that you can recover from addiction regardless of how many times you’ve tried to stop using drugs or alcohol. Help is available for you if you are ready. To begin your new life, Start by contacting us today. We will help empower you to be the person you really are. Contact us for more information.